Innovating Infrastructure: Alternative Delivery in Kansas Transportation

The QBS Express, the ACEC KS podcast, sat down with key KDOT leaders to discuss alternative delivery and progress on specific projects using alternative delivery processes.  Join us as we discuss the history of state legislation opening up alternative delivery, lessons learned, and more.

00:30 Introducing Today's Guests
01:33 Unveiling Today's Discussion: Alternative Delivery in Kansas
01:59 Guest Backgrounds: Journeys to KDOT
10:27 Exploring the DeSoto Project: A Progressive Design Build Model
14:00 US 69 Express: Kansas' Largest Infrastructure Project
17:03 Comparing Design Build and Progressive Design Build Models
21:54 The Industry's Response to Alternative Delivery Models
24:25 Consultants and Contractors: Adapting to New Delivery Methods
25:53 Local Government and Industry Acceptance of Alternative Delivery
26:35 The Evolution of Alternative Delivery in Construction
27:17 Key Factors for Success in Alternative Delivery Projects
28:50 Unique Requirements and Collaborations in Construction Projects
29:41 Progress and Milestones of the DeSoto Project
30:14 Detailed Update on the DeSoto Project's Progress
34:42 Exploring the 65 Project: Progress and Innovations
38:01 Lessons Learned and the Power of Flexibility
40:23 The Importance of Co-location and Teamwork
46:06 Future of Alternative Delivery with KDOT
49:18 Concluding Thoughts and Appreciation

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Innovating Infrastructure: Alternative Delivery in Kansas Transportation
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