Bridging Futures: Grace Lipford on Engineering, Scholarships, and Career Visions

Join the QBS Express as we visit with Grace Lipford, a recent winner of both state and national ACEC Kansas scholarship awards.  Listen in as we visit with Grace about how the scholarship award process provided not just funds but contacts and experience.  We also visit with Grace about what she and graduating colleagues are looking for in an employer, the best ways to grab their attention, and how to be a destination employer for these graduates!

00:52 Introducing Our Special Guest: Grace Lipford
01:48 Grace's Journey to Engineering
02:29 Exploring Pre-College Interests and Inspirations
05:33 Diving Into College Life and Engineering Passion
07:33 The Impact of Scholarships on Grace's Education
10:16 Experiencing the ACEC National Conference
12:31 Reflections on the Scholarship Process
14:17 Insights into Job Preferences Among Engineering Students
16:45 The Role of Internships and Career Fairs in Job Decisions
19:18 Maximizing Impact at Career Fairs: Strategies for Companies
20:26 The Importance of Employer Presence at Career Fairs
21:52 Choosing the Right Representatives: Experience vs. Youth
22:36 Personalizing Recruitment: Beyond the Resume
23:22 Identifying Top Companies: A Candidate's Perspective
23:52 The Role of Dramatic Appeal and Technical Details in Attracting Candidates
25:42 The Significance of Communication Skills in Engineering
27:00 Exploring Company Social Media Presence and Its Impact
30:22 Understanding What Companies Seek in Engineering Graduates
34:20 Getting to Know the Guest: Favorite Books, Movies, and Music

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Bridging Futures: Grace Lipford on Engineering, Scholarships, and Career Visions
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